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Originally Posted by FBGuy13 View Post
Well I had 8 of the 64 slots in this bracket and was hoping to get at least #1 seed - so happy to get Syracuse who i think has a great shot to get to the final 4. However, my other 7 teams didn't draw so well - wow besides the #1, highest i got was a #7...and 6 of them in the 11-16 it goes - just happy to be apart of this - let's see if my $2,700 investment can turn into an extra case - good luck everyone!!!

Here is what I all drew w/ my 8 slots:

#1 West = Syracuse
#7 South = Richmond
#11 Midwest = San Diego State
#12 East = Cornell
#13 West = Murray State
#13 South = Siena
#14 South = Sam Houston State
#16 Midwest = Lehigh (Kansas - you are going down!!!!!!!! )

Come on Syracuse - win the whole thing - I want that case of Exquisite !!
Well happy to have 3 of the 8 move on - let's go Syracuse, Cornell, and Murray State...I have a feeling Murray State will be playing Syracuse in the Sweet 16...and hate to root against the Badgers - but I want that free case of cards - good luck everyone - it's been a great opening weekend of the tourney so far - should ge be some excellent games the rest of the weekend.
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