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Originally Posted by iuhoosierbb View Post
You do not have to send cards. Many people send pictures or baseballs to get signed as well. Magazines are also popular. You can send to whoever you like, I would just be aware that the HOFers you mention typically want a donation if they sign. Especially baseball HOFers. Of the players you mentioned writing to, I think you might have a chance at Sandberg, although I have heard that those sending a $20 donation to "Ryno Kid Care" have been having success. I think Feller wants a $10 donation, Gaylord Perry $15 for flats and $25 for balls, and I think Fergie Jenkins is $20. Make sure you include a SASE with whatever you send. Sending a sharpie or pen is up to you...I rarely do this, but some do. Good luck!!
Great. After looking at the success with picture, where do I get them, and do you ship them in a manila envelope?With a sase inside?
Sorry for all the questions.
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