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Originally Posted by dbhoops5002 View Post
Great. After looking at the success with picture, where do I get them, and do you ship them in a manila envelope?With a sase inside?
Sorry for all the questions.
no, its a little confusing and all the guys want to help because we love hearing and finding out who signs.

If you are going to send a pic, you will obviously have to either print out the pic, have it printed from a store (watch out for copyright issues) or buy them on ebay. Then send the photo with your SASE in a nice envelope. Also, with the photos I would ask them to personalize it, as some stars dont want people to turn them for a profit. If it is personalized, they know its going to you. I would always suggest writing a nice handwritten letter with all photo requests, card requests could be typed, you will always have better luck wiht a handwritten letter. With photos, include a sharpie for them to sign with. Silver sharpie on Black and white photos looks amazing! Black is generally going to show up good.

any other questions, ask away.

For addresses, I cant stress to you how easy is to use and how much it has helped me!!!!
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