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The markets are very manipulated. But if you study the charts over a long enough period, you can usually know where the markets are heading, I said in a previous thread about a month or so again, we woul be seeing $19, we are still going lower. We will see $15 and most likely $12 silver, and even $8 is not out of the question. I love huge price drops like this you can really score aton of physical for alot cheaper, but on the other hand, your current stockpile drops in value like crazy.

It sucks during huge drops, during this last drop my stockpile "lost" more value/money in 3 weeks, than I will make in the next 2 years. But I know it will rebound someday.

One piece of advice, anytime the price is higher than what you paid, SELL. If I sold all of my silver in 2011, I would have realized a $150k profit, I got greedy, and now may have to wait 5-10 years to reach the same profit level.
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