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Default Today's terrible breaks - All-time Greats x2/Select x3/Crusade x3/Preferred x1

So I tried my luck again at basketball and got killed... here's the damage...

Everything is available, but please don't ask for prices. I will look up prices soon and post a thread in the B/S/T section when I have everything priced. But, I will take offers till then, and chances are if you're around eBay, I'll probably take it. I just want to recoup what I can and do what I should've done and just bought Kobe autos with the money I spent. All pics are in my bucket.

New Pics Here

Also busted a little football, 2 boxes of Black and 1 Limited, and I'll just post sales prices along w/the basketball stuff as it's not that many cards.


David Robinson:
Auto ATG-DR3 09/30
#13 01/50
#12 037/150
#11 134/150

Bill Russell:
Auto ATG-BR2 14/55
#9 24/50
#7 054/150
#8 019/150

E'Twaun Moore - Silhouette 93/99
Kenny Anderson - Panini's Choice Red 60/74
Rashard Lewis - Panini's Choice Blue (Redemption)
Celtics/Heat (KG/Pierce/Rondo/Wade/LeBron/Allen) - Rivals Booklet 173/199

Quest Signatures:
Kent Bazemore
Kendall Marshall
Draymond Green
Jeff Taylor
DeAndre Liggins
Meyers Leonard

Majestic Signatures:
Corey Brewer (Redemption)
Cedric Maxwell
Sam Cassell

Quest Jersey:
Gordon Hayward
Anderson Varejao
Linas Kleiza
Raymond Felton
Omer Asik
Carl Landry
Kenneth Faried

Majestic Jersey:
David Robinson
J.J. Redick

Josh Smith - Purple 23/49
Manu Ginobili - Purple 34/49
Caron Butler - Purple 16/49
Jimmy Butler - Red 33/99
Bob Cousy - Red 61/99
Tyrus Thomas - Red 23/99
LeBron James
Austin Rivers
DeAndre Liggins
Meyers Leonard
Mark Price
Steve Francis
Dennis Rodman
A.C. Green
Alonzo Mourning
Danny Granger
Jarrett Jack
Deron Williams

Jersey Auto:
Tristan Thompson 103/199
Brandon Knight 045/149
Terrence Jones 175/249
Miles Plumlee 135/399

Rookie Auto:
Andrew Nicholson - Prizm 014/199
Bernard James - Prizm 010/199
Bradley Beal 031/149
Markieff Morris 295/299
John Jenkins 154/399
Perry Jones 337/399
Darius Miller (Redemption)

Tayshaun Prince - Stars Jersey Auto (Redemption)
Jeff Green - Gold Prizm 10/10
Damian Lillard - Base
Dion Waiters - White Hot Prizm 25/25
Gerald Wallace - Prizm
Ty Lawson - Prizm
Wilson Chandler - Prizm
DeAndre Jordan x2 - Prizm
Arron Afflalo x2 - Prizm
Michael Beasley - Prizm
Nene - Prizm
Darryl Dawkins - Prizm
Kevin Love - White Hot
Brandon Knight - White Hot
Jimmer Fredette - White Hot
Dwyane Wade - Hot Stars
Jeremy Lin - Hot Stars
Thomas Robinson - Hot Stars
Austin Rivers - Hot Rookies
Pablo Prigioni - Hot Rookies
Terrence Jones - Hot Rookies
Fab Melo - Hot Rookies
Derrick Rose - In Flight
Jason Terry - In Flight
James Harden - All-Star
David Thompson - All-Star
Gary Payton - All-Star
Hakeen Olajuwon - All-Star
David Robinson - Hall Selections
Bill Russell - Hall Selections
Sports Card Album:

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