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All I'm saying is, when markets are at their best, you hear about it everywhere and everybody is a winner. (Stock market currently. Metals in 2009) When markets are at their worst, you hear about it everywhere and everybody and their brother just absolutely KNOWS it's a foolish investment. (Stock market in late 2008/metals right now)
The investment community loves them some positive reinforcement. The stock market has provided them just that for the last few years. Contrary to that, the metals have steadily declined since highs in 2011 and have provided market lovers everything they need to keep away. Markets reverse. Trends change.

I can't tell anyone what to do. I can present years of research and also recommend to each person to do your own due diligence in researching what is best for you. For me, worthless paper has become 'not for me'. If a company declares bankruptcy, you are SOL. You get nothing. Check out whose name is listed as custodian of your 401k or other retirement account(s) that are via an employer or otherwise. Guarantee that your name is listed second. I just think that people in the US need to spend less time watching American Idol and more time watching what is happening to people in the financial system in every other country in the world. If you spend the time doing that, and still feel that all your life's work and savings are super duper safe in our financial system, well then I hope that works out.
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