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I would offer the exact opposite. If you have the capital and the time to short term metals then it is possible to make money. In the long haul precious metals do not provide much of a return, barely beating inflation. I had a nice graph comparing metals, stocks, bonds, CDs, interest checking accounts over 100+ years that shows how lousy metals are. Great short term hedge (can't stress SHORT term enough), but poor long term return. Even the most recent run-up by gold barely beat my stock holding returns and it did so with much less volatility.

I'm referring purely to spot silver, not collectibles. Collectibles can buck the trend. My wife's family are major players in the metals/coin world. My father-in-law organizes one of the largest shows in the US and is constantly wheeling/dealing the stuff. Unlike stocks, metal isn't going to produce future profits.

Little money can be made in increments on the coattails of the big players. So, don't think you can't make money. Following the trend will make you money, just much less than those who created the trend and only if you are not greedy. The greedy will hold too long and miss the boat.
I totally agree. Inflation and comissions being made on selling silver keeps it from being an investment vehicle.

I wish that thread was still active in the off topic section where you had suggest a dim outlook on silver for the coming months and everyone betlittled you. Looks like your assumptions were more or less on par with current market conditions.
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