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You can only make money on silver now if someone is dumping it to you and needs the money. Most people are wanting over spot for their silver and not selling til it goes back up. I placed an ad on craigslist and here but I have had to give over spot to get anything. I can't sell right now and make anything til the price goes back up which experts who know the market predict a possible $50 an oz but noone knows when that will be. Your father-in-law is in a very fortunate position to be able to buy and sell I envy him and would love to have that kind of access to other collectors to buy low from and resell. The bottom line is the whole market is manipulated and yes I agree you have to sell when it's high and not get greedy wanting more. It takes money to make money!
There is nothing wrong with buying over spot to bring averages down. Lets say your averages are $30. Buying twice as much at $25 easily shaves your average pts down. Keep doing it till your average are low enough to sell for either profit or break even (if you're looking to bail).
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