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Originally Posted by twoten01 View Post
The reason it moved so much on Friday, is because while the US economy is still in the crapper, the European economy has already been flushed. And now news that China's housing market is turning into our housing market in 2008, and this is what happens. Also TPTB, can mainuplate the markets at will, with margin increases, and many more tactics.
I personally am holding off from buying any metals for the next 2 months at least. While most of my extra income will be going to traveling during the summer, even if I wasn't, I would rather save the cash up. We will be going lower in the short term. I think we will see $17, then the $15 mark. I think there will be major support in the $12 range. But would never be suprised to see it get hammered below $10
I 100% agree with this statement and predict the exact same price point decline at the same increments. im still holding though but not a good time to buy. we will see sub $15oz levels trust me.
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