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Originally Posted by Stackfan View Post
A few nice cards, but i bet you were hoping for a bigger hit. I do like the Celtics/heat Booklet, Robinson/Russel autos, Beal/Knight prizm autos. Come to think of it, if it wasn't for Crusade i'd say you did close to average. Better luck next time.
Originally Posted by Jayhawkaholic View Post
Love me some Select! Did pretty well with that.
the gold prizm was nice, although through 8 or so boxes of select the only hits worth remembering were that, and 2 beal autos. nothing higher in value. saw one of the bball regulars hit 2 Durant autos and a gold in 3 boxes a couple weeks back so it was a bit disappointing for me. only tried the greats hoping for a LeBron or mj, and for $300 a pop, the russell and robinson autos only get me like 1/5 return.

decided against leaf best of this week, since my case was mediocre last week (d.rose base bowman chrome 9.5, kobe auto /49 8.5/10, and blake tc auto /15 9.5/10).

I guess this last lcs break paled in comparison to my friend who hit 2 Andrew lucks, two 1/1s, and a Rodgers/favre dual auto. I went to the bball side as I have most of the football I want for the 2012 class, but i'm really only interested in kobe and maybe some LeBron, Durant, wade, and some of the other current stars who will be in the hall of fame (nash, Duncan, dirk).

just haven't hit anything big in basketball. I probably should've put the money I spent here to get like 7-10 nice kobe autos (including the 400 spent in football) but i'm a sucker for busting wax.
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