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Default Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters - Something's Cooking

Geoff Munn, Robert Teranishi, Hayden Davis, Tim Proctor(100)
Katie Cook(25), Robert Teranishi, Jason Hughes, Juan Carlos Ramos

Animator Will Nichols, ESB3D - Mark Raats(100)

With all the fun being had on the ROTBH stuff (and the great price didn't hurt) I picked up a case from BO and added one ESB3D box since I'd never cracked one of those. There's the case in the order I opened it.

The animator sketch was in the same box as the Proctor so I really figured that'd be the two 'best' hits in the case but then I found the Cook and well, let's just say I'm not gonna write Topps complaining about pulling two Teranishis in the same case... although I do find that pretty stupid with how big the artist list is. Eight unique characters would've been cool too, but I suppose that would be harder to do than eight unique artists and that wasn't possible.

I might write to see if I can get anything for the roller marked up cards - Davis, Hughes and Ramos - but doubt I'd be met with success at this late date. Got spoiled with Mars Attacks and not seeing that issue at all.

Not having watched the series I had to do some research on a couple of them - the vibrant Proctor is Wee Denn and Cook is Duchess Satine Kryze and about as pretty a card as you'd hope to pull from any set - first Cook I've ever pulled and seeing her signature on the back was fun even before turning it over. No clue who the Nichols is. Nor who the Davis is... maybe "Lobster Tail Nose Guy"? Hope one of the two is a bounty hunter since you should get at least one in a case if that's the name of the release!

And then the Raats. Mark is great and I was plenty happy to pull one of his cards. I love identifiable scenes from movies/TV/comics and this is when C3P0 is yelling at Chewie as he's choking Lando. As Mark isn't doing any more sets this was a great opportunity to add his art to my collection which is better for it.

Thanks for checking out my break, hope you do well with yours and that you have a great day.
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