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I have been buying on ebay more than anywhere. Only one real shop around here and they are wanting more than I would pay on there. I have looked at ordering directly through Scottsdale, but usually not ordering enough to negate shipping, so works about the same or lower.

Usually buying through Scottsdale on ebay anyhow. I tend to like their auctions where you don't know what bars you are getting other than it is a name brand. Usually you end up with 10 oz bars, but I have paid less for those than I have for 10 oz bars themselves. They are "circulated" only in the sense they are not sealed, at least that is how all mine have been. Even gotten a few stackers from them that way. Smallest I have gotten was 2 5 ounce prey bars, which are very nice.

Selling off most of my HOF collection.
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