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So I got some inside info on this trading card set. I got to go see Archer Live! at The Ryman last Friday. It was Hilarious!! John Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Amber Nash, Lucky Yates and Executive Producer Matt Thomas basically did a 5 man standup for and hour and a half.

Throughout the show they shot about 12 t-shirts into the audience and a guy that works for my brother caught one. At the end of the show, they said that anyone who caught a Tshirt should stick around for a surprise. My brother and I got to stick around with him for an auto signing by the cast, and that's when things got really fun. First I got my Hatch Show Print poster signed by the cast (only 75 posters made) and I'm pretty sure John Benjamin drew a penis.

I gave my business card to them and told them they should come down to my restaurant for drinks after the show. I was maybe three minutes out the door when I got a call on my cell phone from Chris Parnell. I set them up a spot for 15 people at my restaurant to hang out and relax. I tried to leave them be, but they insisted that we hang out with them and drink Whiskey all night. That's what we did until about 2AM.
They were the COOLEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. I can't believe how nice and gracious they were. I spent most of my time talking with Matt Thomas and Amber Nash while drooling over Aisha Tyler. They couldn't really discuss the card set, but all of them were familiar with it so I would say that at least these 5 will be signing.

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