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Originally Posted by ToppsCollector1 View Post
Day 70! The worst invention has to be the slinky. Yeah, some people see it as a classic toy or no not even the slinky, the pet rock. What the hell is that? A rock in a....what? Box? Slinky is a metal or something material that is just stupid.

So definetly slinky, that's my answer for this. Pet rocks are a very close second

We don't take vacations! lol but yeah that's the hard part. Like if I were to go to mexico I have about a 92% chance of being out. Lucky for me im not going, at least not this year.

What he said.....
Day 71. Dating online is not for me. I hardly know of any besides commercials. One of them is that Christianmingle site. So thats my answer

Also as army said, I think that site is terrible. Why would anyone want to cheat on their wife/husband or whatever? Especially with someone online?
Working on want list.
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