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Originally Posted by rukastar View Post
well I'm sure if the person was only trying to do it to see if they could get away with it, that it would obviously NOT be okay. If mormons like Harper and jesus freaks like Chris Davis or Josh Hamilton are "allowed" to, I don't see why a legit person of any faith couldn't write anything as long as they weren't just fooling around. Although those seem like the only people who write anything like it. I wonder how different it would be if any of the Jewish players did something like that, like wrote in hebrew although that would probably be cooler.
I always thought it would be interesting to write a biblical verse without being religious, not to do it for the heck of it or something but i've always liked the sound of it. if you're going to be someone like a baseball player mind as well use your influence for something

On a side note, if someone was a true satanist or scientologist or something I wonder if it would still be okay... LRH is lord
When I was a kid my dad made me go to church, and I was always bored out of my mind. There was a Sunday night mass we would go to during the summer when my dad golfed in the morning, and they had full copies of the Bible in the pews, not just the prayer books and hymnals. So I would sit and read the Bible, because he wouldn't let me bring my other books in. We were by no means religious, I think he just thought I'd pick up stuff by osmosis. Devoid of context, or outside interpretation, there's a ton of sick stuff in the Bible: rules for raping women, waging war on rival tribes, how to acquire and keep slaves, etc. Stuff that I never really understood why it was there, but whatever. I would always go to Revelations, because it contained the most vivid imagery. My favorite verse was Rev. 12:1-5, because it was about a DRAGON EATING A BABY. For real, check it out. This was also in the early 90's when people started doing stuff like writing Bible verses in their autos, which I also thought was different and cool. I decided then, that if I ever get famous, that's my go to inscription. Or the one where Noah's daughters are checking out his dong. Either/or.
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