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Default Buyer Beware for redman5422. NEED HELP!

I purchased a 40 dollar lot from redman5422 on June 18th, he told me that he would ship the cards out the next day. On Friday June 21st, I asked if he had shipped them out yet, he responded by saying no but he was packaging them up at that time. And that he would send them first class. 6 days later no package and he hasn't been responding or giving me updates. He has 100% feedback except for a couple of neutrals for similar transactions as this one. Should I give him the benefit of the doubt or should I go through pp to get money back now? I get if hes busy but all I ask for is a little communication telling me if hes at least shipped them out or maybe a tracking number. Just stay away from buying anything from him until hes makes this deal right. Thanks guys!
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