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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
Ok checking with blowout to see if I can get a status update (they were going to contact snowboy). I know the product hasnt been paid for yet (but also does match the time/date stamps as it does appear that the final payments just came in around 48 hours ago). Given its only been 2 days I would freak out just yet.

The draft doesnt have to be held by the host - this has been done by others within other breaks - especially in a case like this where you've got everyone ready to go but missing a note taker. Things happen and maybe he cant get online.

The key is whom wants to can do just start a post that they can then just edit as the draft goes. This really could be as simple as everyone taking the full slot holder list and the full checklist/draft list and then you copy/paste the player you select and then remove it from the available list and both lists are continued down the thread.

Its a little bigger and longer to read, but each post provides the current draft list of whats been taken and shows exactly who is up and whats still available.
Thank you for the help with this. I just wanted to say it is a little more complicated and goes beyond just this break. Snowboy also has been running 2 'seasonal' breaks, one for football and one for baseball and the vast majority of those participants have him holding their cards from these breaks. One of those breaks is already past 45 days since payment was sent and another is at 42 days. I am hoping he is ok but if someting doesnt happen soon I think we will be forced to start a chargeback for at least those seasonal breaks.
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