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Originally Posted by FLMARLIN View Post

I am a little confused by "Ok checking with blowout to see if I can get a status update (they were going to contact snowboy). I know the product hasnt been paid for yet (but also does match the time/date stamps as it does appear that the final payments just came in around 48 hours ago)" and your suggestion someone else could take over-does snowboy or blowout have the $?

Also, hopefully snowboy is ok, and is doing nothing wrong-IF it comes down to going to paypal for to appeal for our $ back, what history are you aware of that you could help you guess our chances of getting our $ back

Thanks 1

Once I approve a group break you typically dont see me back in a group break thread unless there are issues, you needd a random, or its been requested to be closed. Thats why I said I was checking with Blowout. At the time I posted that I actually was on the phone with Danny trying to find out what he knew and/or if he had contacted him. As I presume most of you would prefer - if there's an issue its easier to have one point of contact. So I checked with Danny for what he knew. Danny told me he was pretty sure he had quoted him back for the 2 day shipping, but to his knowledge hadnt been paid for the cases, so they had not shipped as of today because blowout has not been paid. I will admit at this point - this I dont like. That being said its still only 2 days and at best I think the break would of been looking at a Monday break since there was never any discussions about having Saturday delivery factored in.

For sure anyone that is nearing a timeline deadline - paypal limit is 45 days. And as stated you can always cancel a claim if needed.

But I did leave a message this afternoon on his phone machine. Given no response, I'm going to email him now in case he had to go out of town for some reason and might check email but not have access to his answering machine at home.

My comments for the hosting was more geared towards the draft portion. This way in case everything is fine (which I still hope is the case) that this would allow some work to be done without the host being "online" to keep everything documented.
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