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Originally Posted by cbcedd View Post
And everyone is now happy that you have posted their names and addresses....smh. It's called a PM. Use it.
I guess some people just have to find negative in everything huh?

Listen guys, I UNDERSTAND your frustration and I AM SORRY! If you have pm'd me I have been in contact with you, I am here. I AM NOT HIDING. I AM NOT AVOIDING. Your cards will arrive and I am sorry they are late. No excuses and I inderstand that some of you if not all have been ripped off before and in no way shape or form am I trying to rip you guys off. I sold alot of stuff in a little amount of time and had to break up alot of stuff. It is my fault I did not take into concideration how much I was selling compared to my regular work and school schedule. They are coming. I promise that. (More negative comments to follow I'm sure)

Funny how this kind of thread turns into a bash session. All kinds of people chime in. Ones I don't even know....?
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