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Originally Posted by sheriffjoebear View Post
I've never filed a claim with PayPal. Is there a difference between a dispute and a claim? I opened a dispute for a break I did with him May 1 where he's holding my cards. I tried to upgrade it to a claim and PP is saying it isn't allowed?
Paypal does not allow to file a direct claim immediately. First you must file a dispute...then they let you and the seller communicate (which in this case, you will most likely get none.)...then once it is evident that the dispute is unable to settle then you can escalate your dispute to a claim (I think if there is no response from the seller in 7 days you can do this, but sometimes it takes 20 days to escalate to claim)...Then PayPal will make a decision, sometimes it takes 45 days, obviously in your favor when it is a scam.

I have been a victim before & I am telling you if you have any significant money in this at all...DO NOT WAIT TO FILE. The way most PayPal cons work is you get all the payments in, & then withdrawl all of the $$$ into your bank accounts. Then when the chargebacks come and PayPal tries to freeze the money for your dispute ON THE DAY YOU SUBMIT...there is none to freeze because the Con has transferred or withdrawn. THEN, When Paypal settles your claim they will surely say you are entitled to the $$$$, but then they will tell you that the account is empty and you get $0 until the account has money in it again...which it won't. These cons rotate PayPal accounts...REMEMBER THIS IS NOT EBAY AND A REFUND IS NOT PROTECTED OR is a different process. I spent hours on the phone with PayPal due to being scammed and there is zero they can do if the account is drained.
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