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If the person did not ship you anything - open a dispute with PayPal for item not received. If he doesn't respond within 7 days or whatever the time frame is then you can escalate it to PayPal and have them review it. If you received no shipment from the seller / host then PayPal WILL return your funds no questions asked.

If you did receive a shipment from the seller - simply open a dispute for item not received as described and explain there was missing quantity or the package was empty or whatever the situation may have been. Again wait 7 days or whatever the time frame is that PayPal makes you wait then escalate it to PayPal. With the amount of disputes opened against this person PayPal will likely refund you in full.

If you paid by credit card or debit card or eCheck simply call up the credit card company or bank and tell them that you paid for items and did not receive them and they will reverse the transaction and hit the seller/host with a $20-$30 chargeback fee, he deserves it anyway.

In response to pjray55, calling the police is not going to get anything solved at all. Municipal authorities have almost nothing to do with online sales or internet crime. The correct way to go about this is with IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) - The link is here If enough complaints are filed it will trigger an investigation and likely will get this guy charged with some type of fraud.

Furthermore: everyone should be hammering him with negative iTrader feedback. I don't see why he is still sitting there with %100 iTrader feedback considering what has been going on.

P.S. I only stumbled upon this because I was looking at Nordy's 5 case jumbo break and saw some posts regarding it. I don't know why this person was allowed to break with to begin with. I was breaking successfully for years for everyone and blowout closed 2 of my breaks because of some negative feedbacks on an old eBay account that I was sharing with my cousin and they wont even let me do case breaks any more even though I have dozens of breaks that were flawless under my belt. People that join breaks should only join with people they are familiar and comfortable with and have a good hosting history. In addition I think blowout should consider creating new rules to prevent this type of thing from happening in the future. Or even possibly not letting any new hosts run case breaks on blowout period.

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