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Thanks for your help---I hope snowboy is ok first and foremost. that being said, I have no sympathy for what he has done IF this is a scam. Because of lack of communication and other's stating that "money in account could be empty", I just filed.
FWIW guy who filed dispute for me at paypal (I just asked if he did same to others could there be no $ left) said that paypal will reimburse me if I am found in the right. Who knows if that is correct--figured there was no reaason to push it. Since they will have so many requests, someone (maybe combine frankferry and acox's posts) may want to repost 1x/day what to say if filing a claim, as if someone says they were in a break, it may 1. invalidate claims or 2. make it harder for legitimate breakers to use paypal in future-may scrutinize it more when innumerable same amount payments go in.

thanks again for the help acox and frankferry
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