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Originally Posted by frankferry View Post
it depends how long you wait.

If you wait for more than 30 days after he took the money out of his paypal account then yes that can happen. But once Paypal sees all the disputes they will reverse the deposit into his bank account and freeze his account and hold it in there so people can still get their refunds.

I think you may have been talking about the huge scam that happened years ago with China sellers and eBay. eBay was taken for millions of USD. After that happened they cracked down on things and made the paypal pending balance thing and all of the other new rules they have out there as well
Cool, it was a couple of years and PayPal may be different now...I hope & if something serious happened then the dispute can be settled/dropped, but better safe than sorry...5 counts/arrests (I've found) of various attempts to defraud in multiple cities does not bode well though.
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