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Originally Posted by jswest18 View Post
I think the knee jerk reaction for some of us is to blame Blowout for this situation in light of the fact that they approve all group breakers, but I think we can all accept some of the blame if in fact this turns out to be a scam. It appears that a simple search of Snowboy's name would have put any of us on alert. It might be prudent of everyone in the future to do their own investigation into a new(er) host before committing to a break. While BO could have found this info too, and upon finding it should have prevented Snowboy from hosting, they seem to have followed their guidelines for approving hosts in Snowboy's case.

All of that said, I truly hope this is not a scam and that Byron is ok. It does seem like a lot of work to put this type of break together just to scam and I agree that a case or two more would have made more sense for a scam.
What do u see when u search his name?? Just curious because I see nothing still
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