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Originally Posted by bdiddy49601 View Post
redman i never had an issue with you before but i do think taking the pictures down would be a good idea man
I will.. I want to make sure people see I am not one of these scum bags you all are making me out to be. Its funny how I am here stressing the f*@# out over here about getting you all your cards..... Have responded to every pm I have gotten and you all act like I am ignoring you..... (Bdiddy not talking to you bud) And then people just jump right on in like they know what the hell is going on..... Like I said before, I am not hiding. I am responding to each and everyone of you. 700+ transactions on feebay, 100% feedback, no negatives on here until now I am sure, and I know I am probably not helping my case, but honestly, IDGAF! I have pride, I have dignity. I know what is going on and I have relayed that to those of you who were affected. I KNOW that you will get your cards, and you all will not buy from me in the future, which is fine. Quite frankly, This is way to stressful to be a hobby. Football cards used to be so much fun to collect but it is unfortunate that when a member is going through some crap how you all want to dump on him. Even when you have done no business with me. Those that I do have business with, I understand your frustrations and have taken every action necessary to get you your cards by this time next week. All packages are first class because that is how I always ship. Again, I apologize for the delay as I am sure that I cannot say this enough.
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