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Default Nice attic finds.. (RC of one of the greatest)

My aunt collected cards as a kid, and they've remained in surprisingly good condition. I inherited a large number of 64 and 65 Topps baseball cards as a kid that yielded some nice finds, but I went back tonight to see if I could find anything else at her house.. Lets just say I'm glad a did.

Lower end:
'61 Topps Koufax
'66 Topps Mantle
'66 Topps Maris
'65 Topps Mantle (x2, both poorly centered but will go nicely with the bvg 6 I had graded already)

And the big find:
1965 Topps talboy RC of Joe Namath (in excellent condition. Will definitely be sending in for grading.) Ill get a scan of this up in the morning. Really can't get over the condition, haha.

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Attachment 154976 Attachment 154977

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