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Originally Posted by obadger View Post
Redman---Step back, take a deep breath and relax. You are totally missing the point here. Nobody is questioning whether members have received the cards you sold them. The issue is with---------slow-shipping, excuses for slow shipping, no communication, lying about ship dates. And you evidently have had these issues prior to this latest episode. Bottomline is, if you have the time to collect and spend other peoples Paypal, then you have time to ship other peoples property to them in a timely manner. Hope all works out for everyone involved.
And it will. Its hard to relax when I have replied to pm's, have not intentionally told people incorrect shipping dates (or lie!). I understand there has been a snag in my shipping! And my past??? 2 people said I was late, and I was. But no negative feedback and most I hear is negative in this thread (which I understand to the gentleman that started this thread). Like I said before. I have pride and I want a positive reputation, but when circumstances are out of my hands, I am unable. I can't dictate everything that happens and neither can any of you. But I am not going to sit here and take a beating from people that I did nothing to. I can't believe blowout is letting that happen. I know I am the one that is in the wrong and I have NEVER denied that yet people are saying I am blaming other people? I know blowout has investments to protect and I fully plan on being suspended but crazy how there are triple the people involved than transactions.G'night, talk to y,all in the morning... I'm sure...
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