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Any truth to the rumor that Snowboy has Bristol ties and may have been holding cards for a few of Hernandez's associates?

In all seriousness this situation really sucks. He was holding my cards from our first two months of the football H2H breaks. I was unable to open a claim for the month since it was over 45 days ago. It wasn't anything too crazy, but I know there was a Nick Toon auto.

The worst part is that I remember thinking why am I letting this guy hold my cards (since I already paid for shipping)? But since everyone else was having him hold their cards I figured no big deal. What a mistake!

BO should create a "Snowboys whereabouts theory pool" for all those who got screwed. Whoever's guess is closest wins a case of Bowman. I think I'm on to something with my Hernandez assumption.
^ cool initiative we are starting in Philly!
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