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Originally Posted by barberromo2008 View Post
With all do respect I have been in a situation like this, where I had to go to the emergency room on a saturday, when all my cards from a break where suppose to be shipped on Monday. I ending up spending 6 days in the hospital and the doctors still do not know whats wrong, but I had enough respect for all the members to say shipping will be delayed. The members in my group had to wait 1 1/2 weeks after when the cards were suppose to be shipped. In the end, when you run a group break, you are acting as a business associate not just a hobbyist.

Oh I know stuff like that happens. But what if he doesn't have internet access? I'm just saying everyone should settle down. Feel free to file a claim but do not trash the guy until we all know what's going on. From what I remember of snowboys break he has a family and if there's a problem there then if I was in his shoes a break would be my last concern til things were taken care of.

Dave's daughter needed surgery and he gave us all advanced notice that he was gonna delay shipment of the 20 case break. Had it been an emergency situation then I highly doubt anyone would've known til he returned. I would do the same. Not saying that's.the case here. Just saying everyone needs to settle down. I have as much to lose as everyone. Heck it was my best jumbo random and I sold a spot to BBuckert24.
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