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Default You've got to be kidding me

Originally Posted by rcspur View Post
So there's at least two guys by the same name. What if this has a reasonable explanation for his disappearance and it was a family issue. There's a few of you that are gonna be really embarrassed.
Lol...the 2 are the same, just two different mugshots of the same dude...look at the birthday and id #...anyway, regardless there is no friggin way I will be embarrassed...this guy has at least 5 different arrests in 2 different cities for this type of activity. If he has an emergency fine, but any responsible individual holding $1,000's of others money and items would find a way to communicate...unless he is in a coma or dead. If not then screw him...I've already left negative feedback for the serious failure to respond. If you are that naive I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you.
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