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Originally Posted by O'sFan#1 View Post
Lol...the 2 are the same, just two different mugshots of the same dude...look at the birthday and id #...anyway, regardless there is no friggin way I will be embarrassed...this guy has at least 5 different arrests in 2 different cities for this type of activity. If he has an emergency fine, but any responsible individual holding $1,000's of others money and items would find a way to communicate...unless he is in a coma or dead. If not then screw him...I've already left negative feedback for the serious failure to respond. If you are that naive I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

There was two guys by the same name. One older and one in his twenties. I'm far from naive just saying everyone file their claim but just stop being childish and trashing someone without knowing what is the issue. Innocent til proven guilty. Not the other way around.
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