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Originally Posted by coltssteve View Post
In terms of my pulling $600 estimate, I did a quick analysis based on what you will pull from the case with simple probabilities, and essentially a case of elite should yield more than $600 value based on Beckett prices (I know no one pays Beckett prices). I guess I should not speak so freely yet on Contenders or Anthology, but based on my box breaks I feel they are good product. Bottom line, my belief is that these three products are all priced at more than reasonable price points for those looking to break a case and possibly recoup some of the cost. I love busting product, but always gravitate toward product that at least delivers value close to what I paid. This is why I refuse to purchase Fleer Retro Hockey or Football, and why I hate Upper Deck football products.

Thanks for that. A lot of good info from everyone so far
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