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Red face Cards for Silver!

I had this posted in the MISC B/S/T awhile back but now that we have a Coins section figured I might try it.

I unfortunately can't buy much right now, maybe a little though. Before I can get to buying, figured I may try this. I only have access to some of my cards right now, but will have access to more in a few days.

#1 want is U.S. Coins silver, Preference goes Kennedy, Washington, War Nickel, Dime

eBay average - spot for trades

1st Card I'm looking to move:

2012 Bowman Chrome Rougned Odor Blue Refractor Auto

Cards that are in my COMC port are also open to trade for coins - at less than their posted price over there, check those out.

Is anyone looking for non-silver Kennedy's BTW? I have a 76 laying here.

**Also let me know if interested in Susan B.'s and Sacagewa's, I can have those brought to me in a few days as well.

Thanks for the read, Tom
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