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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
I am sad to see this happen was hoping for 100% return but understand, Eric you are a great member here in the league and on the forum and I support what ever you decide. Hate to see you go

About the keeper league everyone needs to vote Yes or No on this. We can't have a vote of "it doesn't matter", you must say Yes or No .So far we have a split here

01) Addicted36 - Yes
02) yankeesfan24
03) ManInTheMirror
04) armyatc22
05) mmkyszka - Yes
06) Jackg1980
07) tolrobb (league commissioner) - No
08) Bigbadbloom - No
09) gowizards0
10) pats4dawin
11) sportsguy250
12) Falcons_Fan

Majority rules as usual.

Rules would be your Keeper if there is one will be

1. One keeper per team, max number of keepers would be 12 players this year
2. You do not have to keep anyone if you don't want to
3. Keepers must be announced 1 week prior to the draft
4. The "cost"of a keeper is one round lower. Example if you want to keep your 2nd round 2012 pick that counts as your 1st round pick this year. If you keep your 9th round pick from the 2012 draft that player will be your 8th round pick this year.
5. If you want to keep someone you picked up off the Waiver Wire that player will be your 7th round pick
6. If you want to keep someone that you traded for then the cost will be one round lower then where he was drafted. If your player was drafted by another team in round 4 and you want to keep him that player will cost you your third round pick

Everyone please vote.

As for the entry fee, We need to vote on that as well. Right now we are looking at a $25 SV card as entry. Please vote and choose one of the following choices

1. $25 SV Card (Addicted36)
2. $30 SV Card
3. $35 SV Card
4. $40 SV Card
5. $45 SV Card
6. $50 SV Card

In the event that this ends in a tie vote then we will take the two choices and revote. In the event that there is another tie vote then the lower amount wins. My vote has been cast. Please make your selection here as well.

Yes to keeper and 50$
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