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This will be a somewhat unscientific answer, but I use the prices of the key rookie autos to determine my rank order of the three products I mention above. So I would say likely Anthology, Contenders, then Elite.

A way to answer your question would be to look at which product gives you the most chances to pull a card worth more than $200? I think both Contenders and Anthology provide the best opportunity to do that.

Personally, I like Anthology because you won't be stuck with as many unmonetizable base cards. If design is important to you, then Contenders hands down wins. While Elite will deliver a lot of quality cards, you may have trouble recouping your money as it seems prices on ebay are not very strong for Elite.

I have considered busting a case of each, and would likely go Anthology first and Contenders second (just too many base cards that I have no space for and can't sell).
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