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Originally Posted by stardark View Post
on your ebay account?
No. Mostly CGC forum and Mycomicshop. The only things I sell on eBay are the ones that really don't have that big of an uptick or I think are going to drop fast. I don't have my workbook in front of me, but probably 40-50% of that was from WW Philly. Look at Batman #7, Batgirl #9, and Super Spider-Man #1. Those are easy issues to find at comic cons for cover price or less. You make roughly $3 cash or $4 credit on each of those. I think I had 70-90 (I can't remember) copies of Batman #7. That was $200+ alone. Third Eye Comics or something had boxes on boxes on boxes of Superior Spider-Man #1 for like $2. All of those were bought by Friday and sold to the website by Monday-Tuesday.

Then all the WW Philly variants (I wasn't standing at the door). I asked some girl (I'm young and not creepy... I think ) before I left who was buying them for $5 if I could buy all of them for $10 each from her and she said yeah she didn't care it was a PT job.

Edit: Oh I also shop for variants. Like a 1:20 variant that had a retail price of $40! That's a ridiculously high price. So I took preorders. I got hundreds of copies of PP11 for -$0.09 each! I sold a bunch for $1.40 each or something to MCS. I am selling some on forums just to make room, but I plan on holding out until #12 when MCS will bump the prices up to $2.

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