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Originally Posted by Jaycarla View Post
I believe that point has long since passed. Was in the monthly football break, but was following here also.

"Sons" account here was almost exclusively posts in breaks and giveaways, no banter, looking for x, etc.

Both of these users COMC accounts waxed.

Biggest break I believe he hosted was this one. Set em up, knock em down approach. Hosted many smaller breaks and slowly ramped it up.

And the part that will eat at me is this,when he was breaking and didn't know 75% of the names, I found it odd. Not odd enough to not participate, he seemed to enjoy it and communication was always great. Just found it odd that someone that would go through all of the work a break takes and not know the players was odd. Not scientific by any stretch, just another time I wish I had listened to my inner/smarter self.

Hope it works out for you guys here.

WOW... never thought something like this could happen,

Guess it is fortunate that he is not doing the 10 case National Treasures Break, that would be $17,500 on the line.

Good Luck to all,

Hope this is just a case of something happening to the Host.

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