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Originally Posted by thepick88 View Post
Blowout Cards Members - Redman had lots of issues while on the topps sight that he should have taken care of right away and didn't. Just glad I decided not to get in on the last break he had. He never screwed me over though.

Redman - You should take care of whatever still needs fixing and do what you gotta do.

BJS - bjs Brian is one of the people I started trading with years ago and has seen all the same stuff on many sites as I did. He has never ever tried to screw anyone over ever. His word is golden in my book!

Really man??? I addressed these issues a long time ago and even had the people post on the thread that things were clear. Other people even posted without me even contacting them that were in the 2010 Finest case break that you are mentioning. If there are open issues, I would love to hear them because I am not trying to "screw" anyone over. This is supposed to be a hobby and fun. Oh yeah, Mason. Tell them about the National Treasures Case break I held during a storm, power went out, I immediately was texting you to communicate with someone in the break, a half ripped pack, Came back online and the next card pulled was a Tebow GOLD RPA /25...... To Jaydoubles (can't remember the entire screen name but you know who). Like people said before, If I was trying to rip somebody off, I would have done it when I was dealing in hundreds and thousands of dollars. Sorry man. Your wrong on this post!! I am tired of having to defend myself, like I am on trial for something. I was online Saturday getting everything packaged up and got a pm from calculusdork @ 5:23 pm est. This was when he sent it. I got home @ 5:30 pm est. When I finished up the final four packages, I read Caluculusdorks' pm. He said there was a negative thread about me. Then, I read the thread and what people were saying. I then took pictures of the packages so that you all knew that I was taking action, and not just ignoring the situation. (I was feeling the pressure before any of you said anything because I do not want anything that is not mine) I replied @ 5:58 pm est with the pictures that I took. I am sure most of you saw that post before I was threatened to take it off. (because other people stuck there nose where it did not belong) I am still here now. Waiting for everyone to get there packages. I will take the rightful beating that I deserve for the mistakes that I made, always have, always will. Man, it's hard to believe though that a couple honest mistakes get drug out this far. It has taken a toll on me. I am sure some of you know what it is like when your supposed to be in control of a situation, and there is nothing you can control or do about it. That was my situation this week, and since I put the cards in the mail. Like I said before, I am not trying to take anything that is not mine. I AM NOT HIDING. I am sure Blowout will be in contact once you all receive your packages.

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