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Originally Posted by HARLOMS View Post
I'm not in this break, and only just read about whats been happening here today. It took me about 15 min of research on the internet to find that Byron Lyn Garber has quite a checkered past with respect to Fraud, Theft, and the St. Augustine Police Department. In and out of Jail over 10 times in the past 17 years, each instance contributed at least part to fraud and or theft.

If snowboy is in fact Byron Lyn Garber, 43, St. Augustine, Florida, then chances are better than fair that you will not be seeing him, your cards, or your money around here again.

Good luck to all in recouping their loses....
Yeah you can also find an arrest record for his son as well which would match everything we know about him. Along with a facebook page with stuff about cards on it.
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