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I've had some nice pickups the past 2 weeks. First up are a couple of z-sketches, I'm a big fan of these cards:

Vampirella z-sketch by Carolyn Edwards

World of Fantasy z-sketch by Bianca Thompson

Next up are a couple of artist's proofs that I picked up:

Angels & Demons 2-card puzzle by Shane McCormack (AP)
Black Widow IM 2 sketch by Hanie Mohd (AP)

Finally, a nice 5x7 work by Shane McCormack, then some Star Wars ROTBH sketches for my sketch set (thanks eldavojohn for trading me 4 of them!):

Natalie Portman as Padme Amidala 5x7 sketch by Shane McCormack
Cad Bane by Monte Moore, Clone Trooper by Cal Slayton

Chancellor Palpatine by John Beatty, Clone Trooper by Robert Hendrickson, Clone Trooper by Bryan Morton

On the McCormack's, I purchased them from Shane on ebay. Even though he is located in Ireland, it only took a week for the items to reach me, so I am very happy with the quick shipping, and his sketches are great.
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