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Originally Posted by Michigan300rum View Post
To be honest Blowout needs to find a way to cut out the host from ever receiving the bulk of the PayPal for the cases, anything after the cases should go to the host for shipping, supplies, fees, profit w/e. Since you have to buy from blowout to be able to group break anyway the money should go into a blowout account directly from the people who buy-in to the break. Its way to easy to get your feedback / itrader w/e up high enough for people to have no problem tossing you $1000's without worry. Maybe its a pipe dream & I have no idea how hard it would be to do something like this but if you have to get the cases from BO something like this would eliminate being able to take the money & run. Now taking off with the cases is a different story all together
its perfect the way it is. Who cares if someone takes the money and runs we get our money back. If blowout collected the money then gave the cards to someone else and they took off then there is nothing that can be done. This would raise blowouts liability for no reason when everything is already protected.
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