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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
BO should just ban this 24 hour trade nonsense now and avoid all the future headaches. Just a stupid concept that can't be enforced since the person putting the card up can easily just back out (already happened once it appears) if he doesn't get anything offered that he wants. Nobody with any common sense will put up anything of value to begin with because of the risk so why bother ?
I agree - although the most effective way to put it to a stop might be to simply put these rules in place:

1. The OP must trade the card, within the timeline he/she stated.
2. All offers must be shown in the thread.
3. If the OP decides not trade the card, all members who made an offer are allowed to leave appropriate iTrader feedback.

If we do this, I think we'll see a little more clarity from the OP (i.e. "looking for Mets and Yankees patch autos, looking for PSA-graded RC, etc.). If it works out, then we'll all have access to 'new' cards for our PCs. If not, which I assume will be the case, this board-clogging crap will come to an end.
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