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They can be fun and can be treated like an auction. And, you can specify in the rules what you want for it. Like Cardinal fan said in his.... It must be a Cardinal auto.... If not met, your rules weren't followed. Here is an example of some rules...

1. You make an offer. You can post a scan, but don't ask me to check buckets
2. We follow BO trading rules, meaning that if you have low feedback you send 1st
3. Somebody will go home with this card, I'm not going to retract this
4. No limit to the number of cards that can be offered for this lot
5. I will post periodically in here who the leader is, the others may adjust their offers if they'd like
6. Just like I cannot retract my cards you cannot retract your offer
7. If you are the winner we will setup a transactions thread and consider it a done deal!
8. This ends at 8:34 AM Sunday, April 4
9. Card must be a Cardinals AUTO.

The HUGE downfall to this is some one could offer you a Juan Encarnacion auto and you have to uphold your end. Like I said, it is just like an auction. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you fall real short. But, ultimately, if you are just wantin to trade.... This kills the crave.
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