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Originally Posted by rip+flip View Post
Wow I wonder what they have in store for the online play they seem like they are kind of keeping it secret for now. The game looks amazing know.

I kind of have a weird question though.

I absolutely loved vice city and san andreas but for some reason I didn't like gta 4. what was it about the game that just wasn't the same ?
Originally Posted by NonSportsCardForum View Post
Im in the same boat as you.
If you didn't like GTA 4 I think you will also dislike GTA 5. I'm guessing you both prefer fantasy type games with lots of craziness that doesn't happen in real life. You would probably rather drive around running people over and blowing stuff up while you run from the cops. Things like the deep story, open world, graphics, side features, etc aren't important to you. The earlier games were all about the crazy. Story and stuff took a backseat to mayhem. With GTA 4 they started getting much more realistic focusing on story and real-life situations and environments with the craziness still mixed in.

That's if I had to guess anyway when it comes to the differences between 4/5 and the earlier games.
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