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Originally Posted by rip+flip View Post
Wow I wonder what they have in store for the online play they seem like they are kind of keeping it secret for now. The game looks amazing know.

I kind of have a weird question though.

I absolutely loved vice city and san andreas but for some reason I didn't like gta 4. what was it about the game that just wasn't the same ?
I loved vice city and San Andreas also..but I also loved GTA 4. Out of the ones released, 4 has been my favorite and the first GTA I ever completed.

I liked they went with a slightly more realistic feel and put a lot into the story. The other stories were good, but 4 was a bit more mature and serious. I also highly enjoyed the online. My best friend and I had fun joining a team deatmatch or a race.

We normally took it serious, but was pretty funny during a race to see us get out our cars in just underwear and park buses and other mayhem in the middle of the road.
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