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For me, I just love any open world game.

GTA, Saints Row, Just Cause 2 (which is amazing, by the way), Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, etc...

Just give me a huge map, things to do, and I'll play your game.

Funny semi-story, though. When I was little, GTA III came out and all I knew was that there were cars in the game. I was obsessed with cars as a little kid. Hundreds upon hundred of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, model cards, etc... Any video the involved driving a car was in my Play Station 2.

At Blockbuster one day (which now closed - RIP), I saw GTA III and asked my Mom if I could rent it. She asked me the name and I said G-T-A. I said that there were cars in it and she said okay, not aware that it was actually known as Grand Theft Auto and rated M.

When I would play the game, all I would do is drive the car around the city. I wouldn't shoot people, beat up hookers, deal drugs, or anything. All I did was hold 'X' and move the joy stick.

When we returned it, I handed the case to the person at the desk and he said to my mom "Was he playing this game?" She said yes and he went on to tell her all the details about it and how it was a terrible game for kids to play. When we got home, I was sent to my room and we had a nice little talk about it. Now whenever my little brother (8 years old) wants to buy a game, my Mom will look at the case, search it online, and do anything to make sure it's appropriate.


And, for the record, The Last Of Us is the best game I've ever played (very likely it will end up #2 to GTA V).

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