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Originally Posted by Jeramy
That being said, there is zero chance they haven't known about this for months. Their contract with Beckett was expiring and they knew the entire time things were going to change, but only told us AS IT HAPPENED.

We knew this was coming for months. They did make an announcement a long time ago.
not to mention they did pull the plug on the BV viewable pricing when we went from to for a bit. It was weird after all those years of having pricing to base off of. I know I did basically stop buying at that point (and other reasons).
I don't think sales were hurt too much. Maybe initially. If you price right then you will sell, if you overprice and try to run a 50% sale that stills has you over ebay ending sales you still won't sell. BV is old but having that guague and % off most certainly helped sales/purchases.

Maybe they can implement a "boyd" function where we can just add our own BV to cards descriptions. I'd pay an extra penny a listing for that! I already have a good chunk of mine which have no BV anyway.
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