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Originally Posted by bprice View Post
It is very easy to be throwing stones at us from afar.

Both Mays and Aaron have been asked to participate for the last six years and have refused to do a Sportkings deal because we don't take enough signatures.

Perhaps you could assist me in securing their rights, please email me if you can help.

We don't repeat Sportkings that have been done before, so I would say with Namath, Marino, Unitas, Young, Elway, Montana, etc we have had lots of football superstars.

Ronaldo is in the product with hard-signed autographs, he refused to allow us to do a base card. If you could help with this one it would appreciated as well.

I thought it was a great coup to get him to sign for us.

Perhaps I am being a little sensitive but mfw13 if you can do better, let me know.

Brian Price
My respect for you grows seemingly every day. Good on you for responding to his comments. I think you did a great job with the product, and I will certainly be a customer (in a limited capacity, as I don't have too much disposable income when it comes to cards ).

There are some very big names, especially Ronaldo. Well done, Dr. Price.
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