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Originally Posted by bprice View Post
His people did not want us to do a Base Card with our Sportkings artwork, we refused to use a photo images because that is not the Sportkings style.

So rather than jeopardize the entire signing, I backed off.

I wanted to be true to the concept.

Brian Price
Dr. Price, thanks for another quick response and clarification. It is awesome you got Ronaldo to sign for Sportkings, too bad he wouldn't agree to have a Sportkings style base card made.

I must add that I love the 1972 Dolphins Anthology Autos that will be inserted in Series F.

From: Email Newsletter
Anthology Autograph Cards

Series F will mark the introduction of a new concept to Sportkings. Anthology is an Autograph Card insert set that will memorialize great events in sports history. The first Anthology Autograph Card insert set will feature the members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins who made history with their Perfect Season.

Thirteen members of the Dolphins will be featured in this insert set. There are 72 of each player hard-signed featuring their home jerseys and 72 of each player hard-signed in their away jersey.

The possibilities for future Anthology sets are incredible!!
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