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It is easy to make a list of athletes, it is a lot harder to sign them.

Obviously you don't know our product that well because many of the athletes named have already been featured in previous Sportking issues.

To me Shaquille O'Neal and Scottie Pippen are not unheard of players.

Frank Gifford is as good a name as Y.A. Title in my opinion.

I am not going to cry about all the athletes we have tried to sign but failed over the years but there is very few on your list that we have not tried to get.

We only do between 100-300 autographs per athlete to keep them very collectable and many of these athletes won't do deals that small. Simple as that.

In hockey we have Howe, Lemiuex, Lafleur, Messier, Roy and many more that you have missed. So you name Orr and Upper Deck exclusive and other names that are not as well know as the ones we have had in Sportkings.

We have had Jim Craig so you want Mike Eruzione.

I don't think it matters who we sign, you can name others, so can I.

Getting Ronaldo to sign for Series F was coup for us but you want other soccer players.

Appreciate your input, we are doing the best we can. Other manufacturers simply use the same players over and over and over again. Sportkings won't and each series is a challenge for us. We enjoy the challenge and hope to continue this brand until we get all the athletes available to us.

I think for every name you can name, I can name one or two who have had a Sportkings card since I revived this brand six years ago.

Brian Price
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